Our first self published game, Cat Ace, is now available in Early Access!





Misc. Labs is an independent game studio run by Jess Winter. The studio is located in southeastern Vermont. We make games and we're also available to help with game programming using Unity or other tools. Please let us know if you are interested in collaborating.


Q & A

I've heard Vermont is a mythical place that can only be reached with enchanted snowshoes. How can we meet up?

It's true, we are based in southeastern Vermont, but we regularly commute to places like New York and Boston for meetups and other events. Send us an email or tweet. Or if you do happen to be in Vermont, maybe we can meet up for some shots of maple syrup.

Does the logo mean something?

Yes! It's a caffeine molecule!! We drink a lot of coffee!!!



These are some things we've found useful and you might too. All of these resources are free, or have a useful free version, unless otherwise noted.



Vlambeer Toolkit - A great list of resources for indie developers.

Juice It or Lose It - This is a fantastic talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho that illustrates how simple tweaks can have a huge impact on the feel of a game.



Trello - A streamlined project management web app.

Toggl - Simple time tracking web app.

HelloSign - Convenient tool for electronically signing documents. Great for contracts and other business related documents.

SourceTree - GUI client for Git or Mecurial.

Unity - Game development engine with support for many platforms.

Visual Studio - Visual Studio is one of the best IDEs out there, it's free now, and with nice Unity integration it's worth trying out if you're developing on Windows.

Visual Studio Code - A lightweight general purpose text editor (well, sort of an IDE lite). If you don't like IDEs this is a great replacement for Visual Studio proper. (Yes, the naming is confusing, but it's totally seperate from Visual Studio.)

dotPeek - .NET decompiler that's great for digging a little bit deeper into the libraries you use.



Freesound - Database of audio samples released under Creative Commons licenses that allow reuse.


Events and Communities

Boston Unity Group (Boston/Cambridge) - B.U.G. is a monthly gathering of Unity developers in the Boston area. A super cool meetup, very informative and welcoming to newcomers at all skill levels.

Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston/Cambridge) - Boston FIG is a fun one-day festival with a showcase of independent games and informative talks. Held each fall on the MIT campus. Admission for this one is super cheap (about $10).

Pioneer Valley Game Developers - (Pioneer Valley) Western Massachusetts group hosting informative presentions, networking and gaming events. Their events are always fun and welcoming to newcomers.

IndieCade East (NYC) - International Festival of Independent Games, New York City edition. Smaller than the West Coast original, but with plenty of games, unusual exhibits, talks, and social events. Three-day event held around Valentine's Day each year. Not free (about $100 for all three days).

One Game a Month (online) - Challenges you to create one game every month for a year.


Contact Us

Talk to us. You can email us at info@misclabs.com, send a message on twitter to @misclabs, or use the contact form below.