Jess Winter - Programming, design, collaboration


Jess developed software professionally for about seventeen years. After experimenting with games on the side, in 2015 he leapt from a moving train into full-time game development. Jess is also available to help others with game programming using Unity or other tools.

Amy Cusma - Business, design, development


Amy handles the business side of things and helps with various aspects of game development. She has been mathematically proven to be half cat, half pig, and half snow monkey.

Q & A

I've heard Vermont is a mythical place that can only be reached with enchanted snowshoes. How can we meet up?

It's true, we are based in southeastern Vermont, but we regularly commute to places like New York and Boston for meetups and other events. Send us an email or tweet. Or if you do happen to be in Vermont, maybe we can meet up for some shots of maple syrup.

Does the logo mean something?

Yes! It's a caffeine molecule!! We drink a lot of coffee!!!